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The company was founded as a craft workshop by Majerle Dušan back in 1967. After his death the company was being managed by his son Tomaž, who established  company Majerle Črnomelj, one of the first company after independence of Slovenia in 1990.  Company was mainly producing molds for several major companies and machines. They were manufacture a mixer with forced mixing, vibromize, machines for the manufacture of concrete roof tiles and similar products. In year 1998 they bought trademark Belt Črnomelj from company Livar d.d. They also bought their entire construction program, which included making vibrostiskalnic stable, Self-up to forestry tractors GV50, GV70 and special vehicles. That has spread their offer so they founded a company called BELT doo .
The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of machinery for concrete products and molds and services for other companies .Nowdays we have to offer self propelled machine BELT SVS – 1850 SIMATIC and stable machine BELT VS-625 and VS-125 BELT Hydro . Wep produce  molds for their own types of machines, as well for the other manufacturers such as HESS, Knauer Zenith, Mass, AME, SACMI, Lórév, Krapinger  We have our own manufacture performed in a new production hall with a crane gantries, size of approximately 1,000 m2 .
We can make the products in one piece up to 9 tons and a height of 5 meters. We do  services such as classical turning, drilling, milling, cutting sheet metal shears up to 12 mm , flame cutting on pantograph, bending abkant 220 tons of 4m.
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • BiH
  • Montenegro
  • Makedonija
  • Kosovo
  • Hungary
  • Albania
  • Avstria
  • Russia
  • Libia
  • Jemen
Company Belt d.o.o and our brand new hall